Nadège Afoutou, a 2015 YALI fellow

The sixten edition of the Africa growth and opportunity act (AGOA) forum is yet to be closed. August 08, 2017 in Lomé, before all the 38 countries represented and american officials, the youth took the advantage to make a call towards african governments and decision makers for more inclusion.

According to Nadege Afoutou, a 2015 YALI fellow, it is important for african governments to take into accounts, youth in the decision-making process. “Youth below 35 years represent more than 60% of African population. Yet we are under-represented in decision making spheres and we are hardly consulted when policies that should address our issues are made. We are pleading with our governments to take us into account and and give us more rooms in decision making and their implementation process“, she stressed.

Nadège Afoutou emphasized on the need for african governments to require technology transfert and seek to its effectiveness in bilateral and multilateral trade agreements.

A call has been made to refom the education sector in order to emphasize know-how and technical skills acquisition of young people in order to allow them to compete with other youths accross the world.

Refering to AGOA forum she stressed on the necessity to subsidize young producers in agro-business in order to help them in meeting quality norms.