Actress Ekeh

Actress Christabel Ekeh says she was surprised that Ghanaians expressed outrage at the release of her nude photographs when she suffered from depression.

In 2017, she caused an uproar on social media after releasing nude photos of herself on social media.

In an interview with Franky 5 on ‘This is Gospel’ on Hitz FM, she disclosed that she felt she had committed more despicable acts than releasing her nude photographs.

‘‘The real thing that was in my mind at that moment was like, why do people see nudity as a big deal? If they know what I have done, the real things I have done is worse than nudity so it is nothing…I felt it was nothing at all…,” she said.

Christabel Ekeh, however, indicated that she felt that way in the past because the devil kept reminding her of her mistakes.

“I think that time I was just being guilty, shamed by the enemy. ‘You are nothing anymore because you are this, you are that’…that is how I felt,” the actress disclosed.

Commenting on her recovery from depression and finding a new life in Christ, Christabel Ekeh said she travelled to Cotonou in Benin for a vacation with her new boyfriend to escape her troubles in Ghana.

According to her, she met God in Benin even though the Churches in that country preached their sermons in French, a language she neither speaks nor understands.

She returned to Ghana shortly and attended Church services frequently but at a point, Christabel Ekeh said she lost all hopes of living a new life.

The actress said that at that point of despair, she released her naked pictures on social media.

Christabel Ekeh added that she became conscious of her actions and rededicated her life to God when Ebony Reigns passed away.

She felt she could have lived a better life to positively influence young girls like the late Ebony Reigns.


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