South Africa’s Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) has initiated a Fellowship Programme designed to boost the country’s ICT (Information and Communications Technology) skills base.

“With South Africa under pressure to fill our well-documented ICT skills gap and many skilled professionals leaving our shores every year, the country’s meaningful participation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution seems far from assured,” says ISPA chair, André van der Walt.

“Anyone in the world can apply to become an ISPA Fellow which means that skilled South Africans living elsewhere can potentially play a helpful role with regards to the skills base of their home country,” says Mr van der Walt.

Mr van der Walt explains that the Fellowship program welcomes both established independent Internet professionals, whose experience and knowledge are valuable assets for the industry as well as new ICT professionals, who will benefit from access to information, ISPA activities and networking opportunities.

ISPA Fellows are also encouraged to consider volunteering on ISPA working groups and structures, where appropriate.

Anyone who is an Internet industry professional may apply to become an ISPA Fellow. In addition, ISPA may extend invitations to potential Fellows at its discretion.

Applications are reviewed monthly by ISPA’s Operations Committee, and fellowship applicants are promptly notified if their application has been accepted or declined. There is an annual fee of R1,200.00, about $82. In special circumstances, ISPA may choose to waive this fee.

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