Two million Nigerians have access to clean energy. This, due to Greenlight Planet, a global provider of solar home energy products.

According to Mr. Dhaval Radia, Global Business Leader, the company had sold over the last 7 years, more than 500,000 life-changing Sun King[TM] solar solutions in Nigeria. This, he emphasized, through strategic distribution partnerships and our a pay-as-you-go distribution channel.

With twenty-four flagship Sun King[TM] stores across twenty-three active states, and a large network of nearly 1,200 local sales agents (‘Sun King[TM]Energy Officers’), the Sun King[TM] EasyBuy[TM] door-to-door sales channel is accelerating Greenlight Planet’s growth in Nigeria while also boosting employment opportunities within local communities.

“Our vision is to establish a world-class distribution and energy financing eco-system for the vast off-grid populations of rural Nigeria. With our rigorous efforts and continued innovation, our goal is to power 30 million lives by 2030 in Nigeria. As a company, we envision a world where access to clean, affordable energy allows every individual to truly achieve their human potential,” adds Mr. Radia.