The Mastercard Foundation has announced Young Africa Works in Ghana. The initiative aims to enable three million young people to access dignified and fulfilling work by 2030.
The initiative is aligned with the government’s An Agenda for Jobs: Creating Prosperity and Equal Opportunity for All, and Ghana’s commitment to positioning the country as a global entrepreneurship and technology hub.
Young Africa Works in Ghana was co-designed in partnership with a diverse group of stakeholders that include the government, the private sector, academic institutions, and young people. The Mastercard Foundation has made an initial USD200 million, five-year commitment to building a network of entrepreneurs and a digitally literate, innovative community of young people.

Learning from its work in 34 countries on the continent over the past decade, the Foundation will now deepen its engagement in 10 African countries. Its programs will support entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, and key growth sectors leading to greater productivity, job creation, and work opportunities.

With more than 35% of the population aged 15-34 and youth unemployment at 12 percent, the Foundation will work closely with local partners to spur change that is critical for growth and job creation.
Young Africa Works in Ghana will focus on three priorities by enabling the growth of women-owned enterprises through business development services, access to finance, and access to markets;enabling young people to acquire skills that are needed by businesses in growing sectors of the economy and, scaling digital training and strengthening technology-focused employment opportunities.
Young Africa Works in Ghana builds on the Mastercard Foundation’s existing work in the country where, since 2009 it has committed more than USD200 million to programs that have provided training, education, and livelihood opportunities.
Voltic Togo