Image: IISD Reporting Services

In meeting the country’s power demands, Uganda is pushing for the development of nuclear energy for electricity generation.

Speaking during a conference in Vienna, Uganda’s State Minister for Energy, Engineer Simon Giu D’Ujanga said as the demand for electricity in the country increases, the development of nuclear energy could play a significant role in its energy mix – especially as Uganda gears up for industrialization.

“Uganda continues to prepare for the introduction of nuclear power as part of the diversification strategy for meeting future electricity needs. With nuclear power prospects and the significant rise of atomic energy applications, Uganda reaffirms her commitment towards developing the nuclear power infrastructure and strengthening national nuclear safety, security and safeguarding the regime. We welcome the Agency’s assistance towards this end,” said Minister D’Ujanga.

Further, the Minister added that nuclear energy development would only supplement electricity and as a precaution, the Ugandan Government will work together with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to address safety and security to avoid nuclear terrorism.

By 2015, Uganda had 850MW of installed capacity with effective generation of approximately 710 MW, of which a reported 645MW is hydro and 101.5 is thermal generated. The sector has since been marked as one of the key areas that need urgent attention.

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